Your photo session

Here is a little more information about my sessions

Planning the shoot
Before the shoot I like to find out a little about your family and little ones so we can catch up by email or on the phone, whichever most convenient for you. I will also give you some information on how to prepare for the shoot.

Sessions at home
Sessions at home are always more intimate and personal. I will come along to your home and after our introductions (and a cup of tea!) will have a quick look around to see where we will get the best light for our shoot. I am used to working in average sized rooms, you definitely don't need a mansion to have pictures at home. I will generally use a couple of locations in your home such as the master bedroom and main living area - wherever the light is best. I'm an expert at clearing away clutter, chuck on some neural bedding and we're away.

Your newborn baby
A newborn session will capture your babies first days at home. If you have just had a baby the last thing you want to do is go treking off to a studio for a shoot. Those first special moments with mummy and daddy, the tiny details of their hands and feet, and dreamy little faces when they are asleep. I will work with the available natural light in your home to capture a few precious moments of those first days for you to treasure. Newborn sessions are best captured in the first 10 days when newborns are most sleepy, although we will still get some lovely shots if this is not possible. The needs of your little ones come first, so if they need feeding or changing that’s fine. And of course I'll bring with me plenty of blankets and my gorgeous sheepskin rug!!

Babies, toddlers and children
When I arrive I like to spend a little time playing with your little one, particularly if they are a little shy, to make sure everyone is comfortable and relaxed before we get the camera out. Each session usually lasts one to two hours. If the weather is good (or even if its not - think puddles, wellies and cute umbrellas!!) we could go out into the garden or a local park.

Sessions outside - beautiful Dorset
We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful area with stunning beaches and countryside. If there is a location in Dorset that is particularly special to your family please let me know. I’m happy to capture your child whilst they play in beautiful natural surroundings.

I'd love to always go ahead with sessions regardless of the weather, however as I only work with natural light, particularly dark or wet days may mean I can't deliver the light and airy images I love to provide to my clients. As such I will occasionally reschedule appointments.

After your shoot
After the shoot I will edit and perfect the best images from your session and select the best for you to view in a private online gallery. There will be a selection of both colour and black and white images to choose from. The images will be ready within a couple of weeks (depending on the time of year), however I will make sure to send you a preview in the meantime to keep you going.

Then you can have fun choosing the images you would like to have beautifully displayed in your home.